Brad Pitt Attacked By Prankster at Movie Premiere

ImageA Ukrainian prankster named Vitali Sediuk has found himself again in the news, this time for thumping Brad Pitt during a red carpet event in the face whilst celebrating the premiere of Maleficent, new movie of Angelina Jolie from Disney.


At the same time as Jolie was signing autographs and giving interviews, Sediuk jumped over the barrier to hold the crowd back. He punched Pitt in the face after running up to him, damaging his sunglasses before the “prankster” was arrested on site after being pulled to the ground.


A restraining order has been issued as of now and Brad Pitt isn’t seriously injured, as per the reports even though evidently shaken at the premiere due to the presence of his children. The restraining order keeps the man at a distance of 500 feet away from Pitt while pending court. Was it a prank or it was a serious attack, remains to be distinguished?


Formerly, against a variety of celebrities this same guy has been responsible for antics, including grabbing crotches of Bradley Cooper and Leonardo Di Caprio, colliding an Oscar party in a swan dress just as similar as Bjork’s, with an attempt to kiss Will Smith, and approached Adele at the Grammys. Such types of “prank” have gained a great deal of attention to the man, even though they aren’t typically considered as pranks and more of a challenge at gaining awareness.


As of yet neither Angelina Jolie nor Brad Pitt have passed any comments on the event, still they are typically confidential as it is.


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