Health And Wellness


For the last couple months the topic of the majority of my blogs has been about my passion for social justice. Today and in the weeks to come I will be blogging about my other passion; health.


I have always had an interest in health and wellness but my passion for the two was birthed when I started working for my school’s newspaper; California Baptist University’s The Banner.


At the end of last year’s school year I was asked by my professor to be the health section editor. Not knowing I would enjoy it as much as I would, I said yes. I enjoy taking on new challenges and responsibilities and also always found myself writing for the health section when I was a staff writer anyways so I thought why not take the offer. I fell in love with health shortly after because of the job and it has developed into a passion of mine over the school year.


For the next few weeks I will blog about a different recipe each week and the benefits of each of ingredient. I won’t be blogging about one this week so that you’ll have to come back next week and see what it that I made. I can assure you however that it will be healthy and delicious.



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