Lok Sabha Elections 2014


The year 2014 is going to be a critical year for India that will define the political, social and economical future of the country. Year 2014 will decide whether India will truly be a 21st century world power or it will continue to live with all the malice of the 20th century politics it has been inflicted with.

Year 2014 is as significant as the year 1947 when India got its first prime minister…India had a choice between Nehru and Sardar Patel in year 1947. History selected Nehru and India chartered into a erroneous path of socialist Delhi-centric model that started the process of a weak, corrupt and economically backward India and the process was completed during Indira-era. Had Sardar Patel been the Prime minister there was a huge possibility that India would have been a much stronger country today.Year 2014 is going to test India on a similar situation.

 The 2014 Loksabha election has much more significance than just an election fight between political parties. It is going to be a fight between left vs right. It is going to be a fight between old style of politics vs a new development oriented politics. It is going to be a fight between opportunist vote bank politics vs aspirational politics the seeds of which are sown during the Gujarat and Bihar assemnly elections.

The year 2014 is not going to be a fight between UPA vs NDA. It rather would be a fight between Congress vs BJP. It will also be a fight between the personalities rather than parties something similar to the presidential style of election.

Also, year 2014 is going to be a fight between a highly vocal left-centric media and so-called ‘civil society’ who have monopolized the influence on public opinion vs an increasing number but much less powerful right-centric nationalist voices who get space mostly in internet to air their views. One of the best example of this is NDTV vis-a-vis offstumped.wordpress.com.

 2014 election in all possibility is going to be fought between Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi and it is going to be a magnificent as well as an ugly fight and I believe in Narendra Modi’s vistory lies the victory of India.

via 2014 Lok Sabha Election | desh2014.


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